The DivaCup Menstrual Cup Review

The DivaCup Menstrual Cup Review

Menstrual cups are the feminine hygiene product of the future. Tampons and pads are effective at getting you through your period, but there are risks associated with both products, including health issues. You can sidestep the risk of health problems while increasing your comfort by investing in a menstrual cup.

The market is awash with a large number of products in this category from leading brands. You can pick a menstrual cup that offers all the features you need to ensure your comfort and convenience during your menstrual cycle.

The best menstrual cups on the market help reduce the hassle you face during that time of the month. You simply have to insert the cup into your vagina, a process similar to using a tampon. Follow the instructions on the package, and you can fold the cup perfectly.

Diva Cup

The cup will then collect your blood while you can move around and continue with your day. You don't have to stay in bed or limit your movement. The comfort modern menstrual cups provide help improve your quality of life, regardless of the volume of your flow.

The only catch is that you have to select the right size and design. Bell-shaped menstrual cups are the best option available to you today, as they fit comfortably inside your vagina and collect the fluid perfectly. The other factor you have to pay attention to is the brand the product comes from, as there are many options available to you.

The DivaCup is among the best menstrual cups on the market today. The product offers design and quality on par with the best feminine hygiene products, ensuring you don't have to bear any hassle during your period.

Here is an overview of the best features of this product:

  • Suitable for All Females: There are no age restrictions when using this menstrual cup. Girls in high school can use it as effectively as moms of four. The design of the cup ensures it fits your lifestyle perfectly, without you having to make any adjustments.
  • Sizing Options: The DivaCup is available to you in two size options, namely Model 1 and Model 2. The size of the model is on the cup, on the inside rim. You can check the size and select the appropriate model for your needs. The difference between the sizes is negligible, but you should still check before purchase to reduce the risk of leakage.
  • ​Useful for Pre and Post-Pregnancy: Model 1 of the product is more suitable for women under 30 years of age, who are yet to get pregnant. Model 2 caters to the needs of women who went through childbirth previously.
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    No Odor or Unpleasant Sight: The main reason women switch from tampons and pads to menstrual cups is the odor and unpleasant sights that accompany those products. You don't have to worry about any smell because the menstrual cup is completely odorless. Moreover, the cup collects your blood that you can simply drain away, ensuring no stains.
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    Comfortable: The sizing options ensure that the cup fits you perfectly and you don’t have to deal with any discomfort. You can maintain an active lifestyle during your period, thanks to the DivaCup. You can work out, go to work, or even go dancing, without worrying about leakage or any other issue that comes with your menstrual cycle.
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    Hypoallergenic: You don’t have to worry about any health issues when using the DivaCup. The product preserves the moisture and condition of your vagina, ensuring it stays lubricated. You don't have to deal with infection or toxic shock syndrome, which tampons can cause.
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    Silicone-Based: The product comprises 100% of silicone, which ensures high quality. You can rest assured you are getting the best material for your body that will not cause irritation or any other unwanted side effects, even with regular use.

​The brand imports the DivaCup to the US, as they manufacture it overseas.



  • ​100% silicone-based
  • ​Hypoallergenic
  • ​Comfortable
  • plus
  • plus
    Two sizing options
  • plus
    Suitable for pre- and post-pregnancy
  • plus
    Females of all ages can use this menstrual cup
  • plus
    No odor
  • ​Not manufactured in the US

​What Others Are Saying

A majority of customers who reviewed this product on Amazon are happy with its performance and recommend it for others. A customer wrote that this product is safe and easy to use and makes managing your period much easier than using tampons.

Another reviewer stated that you should not believe the horror stories some females share about menstrual cups because the DivaCup does not have any major drawbacks. A reviewer wrote that she can now wear white panties during her period as there is no risk of staining or leakage.

Diva Cup

On the flip side, a customer complained that the cup is too big for her, but that probably means she didn’t check the size before she placed an order. Another reviewer wrote that the rim is rigid and can be uncomfortable for most users.

Buying Advice

You can purchase this product from Amazon, which is the most convenient way to buy this menstrual cup. The Size 1 DivaCup is available for around $25. You can choose from different packages, including a bundle that gives you cups of both sizes for around $55. We recommend that you check the size before you place your order so that the product suits your needs perfectly.


Overall, the DivaCup is a sturdy and durable menstrual cup that will last you for many years. You can reduce your carbon footprint as well as cost by getting off tampons and pads for good and just switch to this product. You will receive many benefits by using the DivaCup while there are no major drawbacks. You should consider purchasing this menstrual cup.

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